Mastering Moves All Over the Nation

Moving Masters, Inc. is fully certified by the United States Department of Transportation. Our experts are licensed to drive our commercial moving trucks from our warehouse in Tuxedo, Maryland to anywhere in the United States.  Operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) requires passing various physical requirements as well as a driver’s road test. For a full list of DOT requirements, visit more »

A Note from our President…

Moving Masters, Inc. - Note from our President

Throughout my tenure as CEO of Moving Masters, Inc. I have learned valuable lessons from my team, as well as our clients, which has made our company even stronger and more efficient. I believe the secret to a successful company is to never stop learning. The easiest way for me to convey what our company is all about is to breakdown our company policy.

“To make a profit by way of developing experience and loyalty among our employees, enabling us to create quality commercial relocation services with integrity to our clients.”

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A Typical Week at Moving Masters

A week in the life of an office moving company is busy. From Michigan to South Carolina, and everywhere in between, our corporate office movers are always on the go.

Here’s just a little taste of what our experts could be working on in the span of one week. We routinely work with educational institutions, federal agencies, large and small companies, laboratories, and non-profit organizations.

Moving Masters Safe Jack | Week in the Life

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Moving Glass is No Easy Task

What is the most common problem an office moving company experiences? An informal poll of area office moving companies reported moving GLASS as the overall biggest hassle! Glass-topped coffee tables, glass-topped desks, glass-topped credenzas, and glass picture frames are among the most difficult items to successfully move. Lifting, packing, transporting, and safely delivering glass items can be extremely stressful as they are often quite fragile with a high threat of breakage.Moving Glass box 2

Rather than risk breaking any valuable glass items during transport, the experts at Moving Masters took matters into their own hands. They created a specialized cart designed specifically to move glass. The cart is a carpet-lined wooden box on wheels with special inserts used to separate the pieces of glass and minimize the risk of breakage.

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Motorcycle Storage

Commercial Storage and Warehousing | Motorcycle SkidIn addition to our expertise in corporate & office relocation, we also focus on commercial storage & warehousing.

Our total storage capacity, combined among our headquarters and two additional facilities, is 150,000 square feet. We store a variety of items within our secure, motion-detected facilities including electronics, office furniture, architectural storage and x-ray folders. In addition, we specialize in storing motorcycles. Most motorcycles being transported to and from Washington, DC arrive at our facility via van lines.Read more »

Summer Storage for Students

Dorm Room Movers | Summer Storage

Finals are in full swing and the last thing you or your college student has time to worry about is where to store all his or her stuff while he or she is home for the summer trying to complete an internship or traveling abroad to fulfill a credit requirement. Traveling to your student’s school, renting a van or truck, spending hours packing everything up, and then paying for it to be stored somewhere is a daunting task.Read more »

Thinking Outside the “Moving” Box

Corporate and Office Relocation Artificial Loading DockMoving Masters often assists with corporate and office relocation moves that are obviously not ideally suited for moving. Unlike commercial storage and warehousing moves, these offices are not fully-equipped with loading docks.  In the past, our movers would have to run a truck’s liftgate up and down reapeatedly each time we wanted to load a new item into the truck. This was time-consuming and ultimately frustrating for our team and our clients.Read more »

May Days

The month of May is shaping up to be a busy month for Moving Masters.Moving Crates - corporate and office relocation

Some of our best clients including George Washington University, Discovery Channel, the National Transportation Safety Board, and Lockheed Martin all have major moves scheduled for this month. Moving Masters will be catering to their diverse requirements including dorm renovations, internal “restacks,” and large machine moves to area airports.

Moving Masters is dedicated to providing our corporate and office relocation clients the highest quality work. Our employees treat every client and every moving project, big or small, with the same attention to detail.

Moving Masters is a full-service commercial moving and storage company located in the Washington, DC metro area.

Fitting a Round Peg in a Square Hole

Consistency is a great thing. Becoming skilled at one thing increases efficiency, but sometimes doing things the way they’ve always been done isn’t always the best way. In the world of corporate relocation, when a unique project arises it’s imperative that a company is flexible and creative enough to adapt.  Government and Specialty Movers Large crate commercial moving job

Recently, Moving Masters was faced with a unique commercial moving problem. Upon arrival at the client location in Crystal City, VA, our team was tasked with moving a 2,600-pound oversized crate, which is comparable in size and weight to a 2013 Honda Civic. The lift gates on our trucks are capable of supporting 4,400 pounds, but this crate created some logistics issues because of its size. Rather than simply abandoning the project, our team of experienced professionals used creative problem solving and teamwork to tackle the task at hand.Read more »