Moving Your Office Within the Same Building

Moving to a New Office Space Within the Same Building

Whether you’ve outgrown your existing office, or are in need of some downsizing, oftentimes the best option is to look within your existing building. By doing this you’re able to keep costs low and keep business disruptions to a minimum. 

Internal Office Move Checklist:

Internal office moves can be just as stressful as moving to a different building. Moving Masters have experienced it all and have come up with this 5 point checklist to consider when planning a move within the same building:

  •      Begin planning your move as soon as possible. Planning tops any moving checklist, as it is the most important part of a movie. Whether you are moving hundreds of workstations to a different building on campus or moving equipment and cubicles to re-carpet your office, planning and scheduling each step in advance makes your move more efficient and helps eliminate the headaches office moves can bring.  
  •     Select a project manager who has the time to handle overseeing all of the details of your move. Office managers generally have a full schedule, so consider another employee with excellent organizational skills or hire an outside move management specialist.
  •     If possible, schedule the move outside of office hours. Moving after hours or on weekends minimizes disruption to your business operations.
  •     Notify your building manager about the move in advance. If you are not moving during business hours, the building manager may need to make arrangements for someone to allow your movers access to the building. If moving during normal business hours, you may need to reserve elevators. Some buildings require advance notice and specific precautionary measures such as placing Masonite on the floor when moving heavy objects.
  •     Take advantage of the move. This is a great opportunity for you to redesign your office and maximize the efficiency of space. With the right planning, redesigning your office space can improve staff productivity and create a more pleasant work environment. 

Also, check out our suggested checklist for corporate office moves for a more in-depth breakout of the moving process.

We Can Help:

By choosing Moving Masters to help you with your interbuilding move, we will be by your side every step of the way. Our team of licensed professionals can help you plan your move from start to finish. We can provide you a plan starting weeks before your move to make sure nothing is missed. Our competitive rates also will help you save money and time. 

Moving Masters has been the premier corporate moving company in the Washington, D.C. area for more than 40 years. We have completed hundreds of successful moves that have included packing and moving military robots, airport x-ray machines, and more. As a veteran-owned company, we take great pride in our employees, services, and customer relationships. Our team will work with you on the most efficient way to pack your existing office as well as the planning a route to your new office and the best ways to layout your office. We’ll move all of your boxes, equipment, and furniture from one office to the other. Experience the difference of using Moving Masters for your next move. Contact us today for your free quote

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