3 Ways to Clean Out Before You Move Out

There is no better time to declutter than when packing to move. Whether you’re moving commercial buildings or specialty spaces, chances are you have accumulated items or equipment that go unused. Rather than having to pack items with no utility, take the time to sort out what is and isn’t going to your new location.

Are those mismatched office chairs from the back-conference room worth the trouble of transporting? Is that machine from eight years ago still relevant? If your answer is “no”, then check out our list of how to clean out before you move out.

1. Trash (or recycle) it:

There are several factors to consider once you’ve made the decision to throw something away. Depending on what it is, there may be legal regulations or other restrictions set in place by your dumpster service. Many services will not pick up large items, such as a desk or couch unless they are placed out on a bulk-pickup day. Call your service a few weeks in advance to determine when your bulk day is so you can be prepared. If something can be recycled, do it! Printers and certain other technologies can be recycled by specialty centers and businesses such as Staples.

2. Donate it:

Many national and local organizations are happy to accept donations from businesses. Determine which organizations benefit most from your items. For example, if you have miscellaneous office supplies, you may want to research schools in your area that take donations. If you’re getting rid of chairs, consider Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity.

3. Sell it:

If you have something that is in good condition, research your options for selling it. Selling on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace allows you to target potential buyers in your current geographic area. Always be considerate of the risk associated with meeting buyers online that you’ve never met before.

When moving day rolls around, you’ll be glad to have gotten rid of extra weight. Start off in your new space de-cluttered and refreshed. If you need help making the move, be sure to call Moving Masters to handle the transition!

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