4 Insightful Moving Industry Facts

Moving Masters has over 30 years of corporate, government, and specialty industries relocation services experience. From federal offices to laboratories, our movers are skilled professionals who make moving locations effortless. Moving Masters provides high-quality services to a niche market.

If you’re curious about the moving industry, here are some insightful statistics:

  1. The economic impact of the moving industry was $85.7 billion in 2016.¹
  2. The breakdown of who utilizes the services of moving companies is: Military 16%, Other Federal Government 2%, Corporate 38%, Individuals 44%.¹
  3. The moving industry employs around 122,600 people.²
  4. In 2017, electronic office equipment, such as computers and copiers, accounted for 18% of all the items moved.²

Needless to say, the American moving industry is a significant economic contributor and source of employment. With over half of those utilizing moving services accounting for non-residential moves, it is critical to have trained, professional movers who are skilled in loading, transporting, and storing diverse items, equipment, and sensitive information. For example, Moving Masters holds a GSA 48 Schedule #GS-33F-0029V contract with the government to provide competitively priced and excellent quality relocation services for federal agencies. From the packing process to secure document destruction, our team is well-versed in specialty moves.

It is evident that businesses, organizations, and agencies are outgrowing their current locations as they thrive in today’s market. Managing a growing business and personnel requires expert multi-tasking and time management. Relocating is often one of the most anxiety-ridden components of expanding operations and has the potential to be a logistical nightmare when left to non-professionals. When it comes time for your organization to make its next move, take the stress of the actual move out of the equation by utilizing Moving Masters.


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