6 Things to Consider Before an Office Move

office movers washington dcDuring any move, it is important to plan ahead. This will save you time and money in the long run, and help to ease some of the stress that comes along with moving. An office move might be one of the most stressful types of moves, so we’ve come up with some tips to help you plan ahead! 

  1. Plan early! Business relocations are typically planned six months in advance, and when you’re dealing with large commercial moves, those can require years of planning. Think ahead, and the planning will save you a lot of unwanted stress down the road.
  2. Experience matters! It is really important to hire movers that have experience with commercial moving, or it has the potential to be a disaster. An office move requires movers who know how to handle the move efficiently, as well as the manpower to handle the scale of the move. Make sure you do your research before you hire based on your individual needs.
  3. Be well acquainted with the rules of your building prior to the move. Every office building is unique and will have unique rules about moves, including how much time you can park at the loading dock, reservation of the elevators, and other considerations.
  4. Be sure to schedule your move with not only the building you’re moving out of, but also the building you’re moving into. More often than not, office moves need to take place outside of normal business hours due to restrictions put in place by the building during working hours. Typically, the best time to schedule a move is over the weekend, but be aware that if you need employees present, you will have to give them appropriate notice.
  5. Consider the interior conditions for the move. Often times, the heat or air conditioning will be turned off in office buildings over the weekend, so it’s important to consider this ahead of time. Place a request to have these systems left on for both movers and any employees present for the move.
  6. Appreciate the value of labeling! It is an easy thing to overlook when planning such a daunting move, but labeling boxes will make the unpacking process so much easier. Consider labeling based on department first, and then break it down for your business, which can be by employee, by item description, or whatever makes sense for you.

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