A Note from our President…

Moving Masters, Inc. - Note from our President

Throughout my tenure as CEO of Moving Masters, Inc. I have learned valuable lessons from my team, as well as our clients, which has made our company even stronger and more efficient. I believe the secret to a successful company is to never stop learning. The easiest way for me to convey what our company is all about is to breakdown our company policy.

“To make a profit by way of developing experience and loyalty among our employees, enabling us to create quality commercial relocation services with integrity to our clients.”

Our goal, of course, is to make money; but how we go about doing it is what is important. “Developing experience” is done every day at the Moving Masters office. Beginning with our own in-house training school, College of Advanced Knowledge, we provide our team members with a simulated training group of offices within our warehouse, including a library. We continue to educate our employees by requiring teaching supervisors oversee moves and maintain safe positions for all team members.

Moving Masters, Inc. has the lowest turnover in our industry in our area and thus true “loyalty among our employees.” We feel we do that with fair compensation and by having the benefits of “esprit d’corp.”

We have been selling “quality commercial relocation” for 33 years. No matter what financial hardships have arisen in our region, we are still able to retain our customers. Our customers recognize quality and have remained as dedicated to us as we have to them over the years.

“Integrity” is the only way to do business. As a government and specialty moving company, we are constantly involved in high-profile moves, and our customers have come to respect our level of reliability and honesty in all of our work.

“Client” is defined as “one for whom professional services are rendered.” That is exactly what is done at Moving Masters, Inc. every day. We will continue to be committed to the happiness of our clients.

My promise to the Moving Masters community is to keep these ideals at the forefront of our everyday work and to never stop learning.

— Alex Klemko, Moving Masters President