A Typical Week at Moving Masters

A week in the life of an office moving company is busy. From Michigan to South Carolina, and everywhere in between, our corporate office movers are always on the go.

Here’s just a little taste of what our experts could be working on in the span of one week. We routinely work with educational institutions, federal agencies, large and small companies, laboratories, and non-profit organizations.

Moving Masters Safe Jack | Week in the Life


  • George Washington University: Preparing for a large dorm renovation
  • Discovery Communications:  Picking up furniture for storage, delivering furniture from storage, and moving an executive’s office within the building
  • At a large nonprofit: Switching out back-up tapes as part of a computer security program
  • At our main warehouse: Receiving a trailer load of household goods from the factory to be delivered to homes throughout the region,  Archiving patient X-ray deliveries,  and Receiving two 3800-pound passenger X-ray machines to be delivered (replacing two 8600-pound machines) at Reagan National Airport
  • Barrie School:  Delivering annual supply of boxes, tape, and cartons for the end of the year pack-up


  • Ann Arbor, Michigan: Picking up and returning electronics for a large drug manufacturer
  • Frederick, Maryland:  Assisting another mover in storing and staging the contents of a college administration building (10-man crew)
  • Department of Justice: Moving internal office
  •  Domestic  Nuclear Detection Office: Moving internal office
  • Noodles & Company Restaurants: Delivering kitchen furniture to new locations in Georgetown and Baltimore
  • At our main warehouse:  Entering data for recently-arriving 12,000 archival boxes into safe and secure Moving Masters storage,  Archiving patient X-ray deliveries


  • George Washington University: Miscellaneous moving
  • A large drug manufacturer in Frederick, Maryland: Miscellaneous moving
  • Bowie State, George Mason and Georgetown University: Moving dorm room items into summer storage
  • Area doctors:  Delivering archival X-rays
  • Charleston, South Carolina airport: Delivering security equipment
  • Department of Justice: Moving internal office
  • National Institutes of Health:  Relocating various locations on campus
  • U.S. Courts : Moving internal offices (swap) of two judge’s chambers


  • National Transportation Safety Board: Relocating internal offices as part of office renovations
  • Area doctors:  Delivering archival X-rays
  • George Washington University: Miscellaneous moving
  • Department of Justice: Miscellaneous moving
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority:  Miscellaneous moving
  • Neighboring moving company: Providing a truck and crew as supplemental assistance
  • Safety and Training Meeting:  Internal training on safe-jack usage (A tool that comes in sets of two, designed to assist in relocating objects up to 6,000 pounds.)  See photo above.


  • Area doctors:  Delivering archival X-rays
  • A prominent law firm: Relocating a large library of approximately 3,840 linear feet.
  • George Washington University: Beginning “Super dorm” move out and renovation of 3 dormitories
  • Government agencies: Miscellaneous in-house moving at three separate agencies.
  • At our main warehouse:  Receiving 1,000 of 12,000 boxes of a new archival account


  •  A well-known association within Washington: Using a “round robin” pattern with four trucks loading and unloading  at a time with a total of 21 movers to move 18-truckloads worth of materials