Why Commercial Warehouse Storage is an Important Consideration

Palletized Boxes - Storage and last mile delivery company MarylandMany companies need to store large amounts of raw materials in order to keep business operations moving smoothly. However, maintaining such a large space can be a costly proposition when you take into consideration insurance, mortgage payments, and even warehouse employees. Once all of these costs are added in, it can put owning a warehouse out of reach for many business owners. There is a solution to this, and Moving Masters can help!

Renting storage space is a much more affordable option and offers great flexibility, particularly for companies who have seasonal spikes in business needs, because it gives you the ability to rent just the space you need at any particular time of year. With over 150,000 square feet of storage capacity located just 15 minutes outside of Washington D.C., Moving Masters is conveniently located for many businesses in the area. We offer a variety of contemporary storage services including palletized, archival, storage and warehouse security, and an online client portal where you can keep track of your items 24/7.

It is important that any company looking for commercial warehouse storage takes into account things like access, damage prevention, and security, among other things. If you will need to regularly access your items, consider how quickly and easily you can do this based on the location of the facility you choose. Additionally, this will include making sure that the business hours for the facility work for your type of business. Ease of tracking for stored items is another important consideration. At Moving Masters, we catalog every item that comes in and out of our warehouse to maintain maximum security for your business’ inventory. This includes bar-coding and rapid retrieval capability, as well as photographing every item.

Climate control is another important consideration, as this can affect the shelf life of some items, particularly files and electronics. We carefully monitor the climate of our facilities to protect your items. We also restrict access to our facilities to employees only as an added layer of security. It is also important to consider the range of services offered by the company you trust to store your assets, to be sure that those services meet your needs.

Moving Masters offers a variety of services, including pick-up of materials from your site, in-house work areas, and secure destruction services. Moving Masters is a full-service storage, warehousing, and commercial moving company that can offer solutions to fit all secure commercial storage needs. Give us a call today and find out how we can offer a solution to all of your warehousing needs.



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