Department of Justice Recommends Moving Masters

Moving Masters has the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to fulfill non-profit, corporate, specialty, and government office moves. We constantly work to improve our customer service so we can surpass all expectations. By doing so, we have built a reputation for ourselves within the government agency community. We have provided years of reliable, organized, and quality moves. But don’t take our word for it – listen to what the Department of Justice (DOJ) had to say about Moving Masters on our report card.

Recently, the DOJ reviewed us on several areas that we strive to deliver on: quality, schedule, cost control, and management. The overall consensus: “very good” rating in all four areas.


For over three decades, Moving Masters has strived to exceed customer expectations by fully understanding the requirements of each contract, as well as the special needs and circumstances of every move we do. The Department of Justice praised us for just that. “Moving Masters’ services are habitually great. The services provided by Moving Masters are always professional and meet our standards.”


If there is one thing Moving Masters understands, it is that moving can be time-sensitive, which can cause anxiety and stress for our customers. To alleviate this stress, we provide consistent, reliable, and timely moves. The DOJ stated, “Moving Masters routinely arrives on time to the job site.”  They went on to say “Moving Masters always works with us to find a time that works for both parties. This serves as a benefit to the government so our customers can continue to have services provided.”

Cost Control

Moving Masters understands the importance of creating a budget and staying within that budget.  We seek to provide precise estimates upfront. The DOJ affirmed our efforts by saying “the invoice is always on time and arrives exactly as requested. Backup documentation is always provided for each job and paperwork is always thorough and accurate.”


The last thing we want is to add unneeded stress to our customers. To support this effort, we aim to provide excellent communication channels. Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible to any question, concern, or need our customer may have. The DOJ stated “In this line of business, requests can change at a moment’s notice, and Moving Masters is always responsive and flexible to these changes. They are also very responsive to emails and phone calls. This is a benefit to the government as operations are continuous.”

Having the Department of Justice recommend Moving Masters for future projects is a huge accomplishment for us. We always appreciate feedback from our customers. We are constantly trying to change and improve the way we interact with our customers to ensure we are providing the best, headache-free service we can. Thank you to the DOJ and all customers who offer us feedback. We are proud to hold a GSA 48 Schedule and welcome inquiries from other agencies planning any type of move.