Don’t Make These Five Common Moving Mistakes

A move, whether big or small, is a time consuming and often challenging process. The weather may not cooperate or you may miss an important detail. With Moving Masters’ expertise from office to specialty moving, we’re all too familiar with moving mistakes and have created expert procedures for each move we assist in.

Five Common Moving Mistakes

While the team at Moving Masters is always here to help you with your office move, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Don’t wait to schedule your move

Help us help you by planning your move in advance. No matter if it’s big or small, setting aside time to pick out a few days for the move and packing is extremely important. Make sure that your entire team is on board and also preparing for the move. You’ll all feel much better about it if it’s penciled into the schedule way ahead of time. Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’ll need to pack and move!

2. Do you know your new address?

There’s so much to do in preparation for a move, but one of the many things people tend to overlook is the step of changing their address. Before you commit to a move, make sure your company’s address is up-to-date and is represented on your website, business cards, letterhead, etc. This may not seem like an easily overlooked thing on a checklist, but amidst everything needed to prepare for a move, it can be forgotten.

3. Does the furniture fit?

This is yet another often overlooked detail in the planning process for a move. Be sure to take the time to measure the clearance space in your new office prior to moving day. Are you getting new furniture or taking your current items along? You don’t want to find out that furniture won’t fit the hard way!

4. Large boxes aren’t for heavy items

While we’re here to help you move boxes to and from locations, packing your heaviest items in the smallest boxes possible makes them easier to carry and the moving process less of a hassle. Share this important detail with your team and you’ll definitely be saving their backs — literally!

5. To label or not to label

Labeling your moving boxes doesn’t take long at all and will save you hours of frustration. Be sure to label the room they belong in, what the contain, and whether or not the contents are fragile or not. Between packing and moving everything, it’s easy to forget what belongings are in what box.

Since 1980, Moving Masters has been dedicated to assisting in all types of moves and making certain that customers don’t fall a victim to these common mistakes! While we’re always here to provide reliable moving services, contact us today and we’ll get you moving without a worry in a jiffy!

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