Gift Books Program

Moving Masters is a proud resource of the American University’s Library’s Gift Books Program. While we provide educational institution moving and help dozens of schools, colleges, and universities move departments across campus or to entirely new locations, we understand the importance of keeping facilities up-to-date with the proper resources to ensure student success.

We also offer library moving and archiving, where we’ve moved various libraries across buildings, campuses, towns, and even states. We are dedicated to helping you with your move every step of the way, starting with the planning process to establishing an effective labeling system, and moving in an efficient and timely manner.

Gift Books Program

The Gift Books Program ensures that the American University’s Library maintains their collection of cutting-edge scholarly material available to students year-round. As the library continues to grow, they encourage people to donate books.

In order to donate, you must complete their Gift Book Inquiry Form and provide a list of the materials that you wish to donate, including titles, authors, and publication dates.

If the donation happens to be larger than two boxes, it needs to be delivered to the Receiving Room of the Library. There’s where Moving Masters come in, as we offer hassle-free moving services as a reliable donation resource. With 35 years of experience, we’re here to assist libraries not only move to a new location, whether temporarily or permanently, but we’re also here to help them stock up on books and expand their collection.

As the school year has just started for most, consider donating some of your scholarly books that are just collecting dust at this point. Not only will you be helping out the American University as a whole, but you will be clearing your space of any unnecessary clutter.

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