Maryland Motor Truck Association Management Conference

Alex Klemko tours Washington, DC during the Maryland Motor Truck Association Management Conference
Alex Klemko tours Washington, DC during the annual MMTA conference.

The Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) is an extremely important group in Moving Masters’ industry. Moving Masters’ CEO, Alex Klemko, is currently the Secretary Treasurer of the MMTA, which connects professionals working in industries related to trucking, moving, tank lines, freight haulers, and more.

Its mission is “to support and advocate for a safe, efficient and profitable trucking industry across all sectors and industry types, regardless of size, domicile or type of operation.”

Although trucking is only one component of the work completed at Moving Masters on a regular basis, it’s imperative to remain connected and up-to-date on this sector. The annual Management Conference of the Maryland Motor Truck Association and the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors’ Association was a great opportunity for Moving Masters executives to get out of the office and connect with the industry.

Throughout the conference, various speakers discussed important industry topics:

  • Brian Hubbard, Vice President and Senior Consultant of Kelly Benefit Strategies, discussed the potential effects of the Affordable Care Act on the trucking industry.
  • Rayola Dougher, Senior Economic Advisor for the American Petroleum Institute, spoke on Energy Policy in America.
  • Glen Kedzie, Vice President for the Energy & Environmental Counsel of American Trucking Associations, highlighted the future of trucking regarding the use of natural gas.
  • Timmy Nelson, Vice President of UPS State Government Affairs, further expanded on the concept of alternative fuel solutions in the future.

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The MMTA Management Conference raised some very important questions in the industry that will impact future decisions. What are the benefits of gas engines versus natural gas engines in Moving Masters’ trucks? Should Moving Masters be investing in equipment for the future?

These questions and more are the result of taking the time to network with the industry and keeping ahead of changing trends. Moving Masters is dedicated to providing its clients the best service available and will continue to remain an active participant in the industry.

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