Mastering Moves All Over the Nation

Moving Masters, Inc. is fully certified by the United States Department of Transportation. Our experts are licensed to drive our commercial moving trucks from our warehouse in Tuxedo, Maryland to anywhere in the United States.  Operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) requires passing various physical requirements as well as a driver’s road test. For a full list of DOT requirements, visit Masters Caravan Across the Nation | Certified Corporate Movers

Depending on the size of a move, our experts will caravan out to a location using multiple Moving Masters trucks, or connect with our network of other DOT-certified moving agents all over the country.  This network of corporate moving companies enables our industry to provide the customer with the easiest and most effective move possible. When Moving Masters is scheduled for a move in Los Angeles, California for example, one of our drivers takes one of our trucks to the location to oversee and manage the move. If the corporate move or office relocation will require more than one truckload to move, we will reach out to an area mover for assistance. While working in a different location around the United States, we recruit agents that have experience with office relocations in that particular city. We have developed many relationships over our 33 years of work, and most frequently call on our network of Bekins Van Line movers.

Moving Masters Caravan Across the Nation | Certified Corporate MoversThis collaboration will keep the project on task and on-time for the client. In return, when other corporate movers are in the Washington, DC area, they will often reach out to us for assistance in their projects. We take our commitment to moving seriously, and we ensure that all 3rd parties do as well.

Dave Baylis has been a loyal Moving Masters’ truck driver for 20 years. “In this industry we are all focused on making the customer happy. Corporate moving can be a stressful time for employees, and we are all just trying to make things go as smoothly as possible, “said Baylis.  “Whether we are moving an office in Washington, DC or Detroit, Michigan, our end goal is to move things quickly and safely so that the customer can get back to work.”

Moving Masters is a full-service commercial moving and storage company located in the Washington, DC metro area.