Military Robot Delivered Safe and Sound

When the Pentagon’s top brass were gathered to view a demonstration of America’s most sophisticated new military robot, Atlas, who did they call to deliver Atlas safe and sound?

We are proud to tell you that it was Moving Masters Inc.

Atlas is now an honorary member of Moving Master’s moving crew. Watch this video to learn more about this extraordinary technology.

Moving Masters is a GSA schedule moving company.  We hold a GSA 48 Schedule contract with the federal government.

Whether or it’s a sophisticated robot or just desks and chairs, we are able to move just about anything a government agency may need to have relocated. Aside from general office moves, we can move classrooms, lab equipment, libraries, lektrievers, hoods, large, sensitive equipment, and more.  We also can warehouse with our secure commercial storage facility.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your agency, school or commercial office. We have extensive experience and have just a 0.04% claim ratio (that’s very low!).