How to Move an Office on Short Notice

Nobody wants to go through a rushed office relocation, but when things unexpectedly change you have to act fast and stay organized. Maybe your business is growing so fast you’re running out of space, a natural disaster has hit, or you’ve found a new space that you have to move into quickly. Whatever the reason, keep calm and follow these tips to get through your last-minute move:

1. Find a Reliable Moving Company

The thought of moving a whole office can be downright overwhelming. Hiring a mover makes the most sense because time is the leading factor in your short notice move. Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling in the office at night throwing papers in a box or trying to figure out how to get a dozen computers into a moving truck. Our team has years of experience in packing up offices and important files quickly and efficiently. Plus, Moving Masters offers computer and server relocation utilizing air ride suspension trucks. Relocation is also a great opportunity to replace outdated equipment and furniture. We offer furniture installation to make upgrading a breeze. 

2. Pick the Right Time

Moving an office can be a disruption to your business operation. You’ll want to minimize the disruption as much as possible by packing outside of business hours or ask that employees work remote. Be sure to inform employees about the upcoming move as early as possible. If you’re making a long-distance move, figure out relocation packages and keep employees in the know about important dates.

3. Create a Moving Checklist

A checklist is key to keeping organized and it breaks the process down into manageable parts or stages. You should also estimate your relocation budget and review it throughout the moving process. Outside of a moving company, you may need to budget for security deposits and new IT infrastructure. Details like updating your business’s address online should go on your to-do list. If, at the end of your checklist, you have things that won’t fit into your new space just yet, Moving Masters has three secure warehouse/storage facilities. Every item that comes into our building is photographed, scanned, and inventoried in our secure online portal. 

We know moving can be stressful and finding a company you can trust to carefully pack and move your business is crucial. Moving Masters guarantees the highest quality of service with each move and top-notch care.

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