Moving Glass is No Easy Task

What is the most common problem an office moving company experiences? An informal poll of area office moving companies reported moving GLASS as the overall biggest hassle! Glass-topped coffee tables, glass-topped desks, glass-topped credenzas, and glass picture frames are among the most difficult items to successfully move. Lifting, packing, transporting, and safely delivering glass items can be extremely stressful as they are often quite fragile with a high threat of breakage.Moving Glass box 2

Rather than risk breaking any valuable glass items during transport, the experts at Moving Masters took matters into their own hands. They created a specialized cart designed specifically to move glass. The cart is a carpet-lined wooden box on wheels with special inserts used to separate the pieces of glass and minimize the risk of breakage.

Using this specially-designed cart, we can quickly and safely move 10-12 pieces of glass at one time. While moving glass items, our moving professionals follow a streamlined procedure in order to ensure these items are handled with care. We individually pad wrap or bubble wrap a glass item and then insert it into the carpet-lined cart. Depending on the size of the items in the cart, we place cardboard inserts between the slots to insure items cannot shift in transport. This keeps the glass items secure and prevents them from banging into the walls of the cart.

This cart is yet another innovative moving idea by Moving Masters that allows us to provide the best experience for our customers. We care about your satisfaction and will do everything we can to make sure your valuable items are delivered in the same condition in which we originally found them.

Moving Masters is a full-service commercial moving and storage company located in the Washington, DC metro area.