Moving Masters Partners with FedEx

Moving Masters is pleased to announce that we are now proud partners with FedEx as a Custom Critical Carrier. Known for reliable, expedited freight shipping, FedEx Custom Critical contracts local companies they deem worthy to be backed by the FedEx name. These local partnerships allow FedEx to offer special services such as overnight and same-day delivery, temperature control, and increased security. As a Custom Critical Carrier, Moving Masters will offer the convenience and reliability for which FedEx is known.

In order to become a FedEx Custom Critical Carrier, you must pass a rigorous review process. FedEx conducts background and driving record checks to ensure that you have safe, credible drivers. Moving Masters takes care to hire responsible drivers, and many of them have been with us for years. FedEx also verifies your on-time service record. Luckily, we have an expansive client base that was able to provide positive references and back our claims of providing reliable, on-time service.

Moving Masters is thrilled to be a qualified carrier, and we believe the relationship will have a positive impact on our operations. Through this partnership, we will be able to increase visibility for our brand. Potential customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond will be more aware of our brand, allowing us to broaden our service footprint. We are committed to providing the same reliable, on-time performance we always have, so we have created a team to accommodate the new business. This new team will be trained to monitor incoming requests and dispatch services. In addition, we have purchased new equipment to handle this facet of the company.

We also feel that becoming partners with FedEx will be beneficial for our customers. For those customers with global offices, we will now have the ability to provide logistical support to every location. One carrier means less accounting paperwork and one point of contact.

Moving Masters is honored that FedEx has qualified us a Custom Critical Carrier. Going forward, we will work with FedEx as a team, sharing the same service standards and values. We are excited to embark on this new journey and look forward to optimizing this great opportunity.

About Moving Masters

Moving Masters is a commercial moving company that performs corporate, office, government, non-profit, and specialty moves. We hold a GSA 48 Schedule contract. Our employees differentiate us by providing outstanding service. Learn more about Moving Masters.