Origin and Destination Teams for Corporate Moves

In order to provide a quick and hassle-free corporate relocation for your office, we have perfected our moving system. During any scheduled move, we use two teams (origin and destination) to expedite the moving process. This allows certain employees to focus on loading trucks while others are simultaneously unloading other trucks.

On the day of a moving project, the entire move crew initially reports to the dispatch office where they will be checked for readiness to work. This ensures that all personnel and equipment are prepared and inspected for a safe work environment.  Upon arrival at the origin (original office) site the crew is briefed on the overall project and tasks for the day.  The crew will then be assigned to their individual position based on training and experience.

Moving Masters tailors our crew sizes based on the size of the project. Our goal is to load and unload a truck at the rate of 40 to 45 minutes per load. Our experts have been trained to complete this task while ensuring the safety of themselves and the client’s property.

Moving Masters corporate moves
Moving Masters moving crew loading the truck.

Once a few trucks have been loaded, the crew will split into an origin team and a destination team, each with its own designated supervisor.   The destination team will then proceed directly to the new facility to unload the trucks and place the items in accordance with the previously determined furniture placement grids.

As a truck is emptied at the destination site, it will be inspected to insure it is completely empty and then rotated back to the origin site to be reloaded. This process is repeated until all items being transported are efficiently moved from the origin office to the destination site.

After all trucks have been unloaded at the destination site, our supervisors require a complete walk-through with the client to ensure that everything is in place.