Private Screening Room Built at Richmond International Airport

Private Screening Room, Gates, and Barriers Installed at Richmond International Airport

Moving Masters is no stranger to working with the technical and sensitive items within airports. In addition to the x-ray machine our team previously moved at Dulles International Airport, we recently assisted in a project at Richmond International Airport.

During our work here, a crew of 4 Moving Masters’ movers delivered and installed an x-ray machine. With experience moving these large, heavy, and costly pieces of equipment, the machine was efficiently and safely delivered.

In addition to moving the x-ray machine and completing the installation, however, Moving Masters had to learn a new task for this project. As well as the x-ray machine that will be used by airport security for screening luggage, Moving Masters was tasked with building and installing ADA-certified gates, barriers, and a private screening room.

Over the course of just 8 hours, Moving Masters drilled, bolted, built, and secured the required components of the airport security project to ensure all employees and travelers will be safely and privately screened when necessary.

This project confirmed that Moving Masters is not just a standard moving company. We are willing to go above and beyond to learn skills tangential to any moving project, such as completing installations, in order to provide our customers with a stress-free and successful move.

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