Review from The George Washington University

Moving Masters Crew (From left to right: Kenny Ferguson, Stan Price, William Hammond, and Ronald Hyson.)
Moving Masters Crew (From left to right: Kenny Ferguson, Stan Price, William Hammond, and Ronald Hyson.)

As the CEO, I sincerely appreciate any and all feedback clients provide me so I can better understand Moving Masters’ strengths and well as areas of improvement. I am exceptionally proud when I witness my team exceeding my expectations during a move. It’s even more gratifying when a client goes out of his or her way to inform me of a job well done. I received the following letter from the Business Services Manager at The George Washington University after a recent move.

-Alex Klemko

Greetings Alex:

I am writing to share my gratitude and appreciation for the Moving Masters staff that saw us through the move out of the Support Building last fall and back into the Support Building this spring. As you know, the move was very complicated and required lots of time and patience. Through it all – the rain, the snow, the warm days, the long days – your staff was extremely professional and accommodating.

In particular, there are several members of your staff that I would like to recognize for their exemplary service. I have listed them below. I ask that you share my appreciation with them and recognize them through whatever employee appreciation/recognition program Moving Masters uses.

  • Stan Price 
  • Dave Goodman
  • Paul Hawkins
  • Ronald Hyson
  • Kenny Ferguson
  • Bertrand Chase
  • Preston Thomas
  • William Hammond
  • Thomas Perry

As a foreman, Stan was remarkable. He took the time to become familiar with our staff, buildings, and various requirements. His expertise and knowledge was extremely helpful to us and to his staff as well. He definitely owned his responsibility and we are the better for it. I also had lots of exposure to Mr. Hammond and Mr. Perry. Both of these gentlemen were extremely helpful and polite. They never complained and were willing to assist us in whatever capacity was necessary to help us acclimate to our swing space and new space. Again, we appreciate the professionalism of your staff and will speak highly of your company as we interact with other departments with GW and organizations outside of GW.

Best Regards,
Manager Business Services
The George Washington University