Secure Commercial Storage

When considering a commercial storage facility, there are many decision-making factors involved. Deciding to store assets requires a high level of trust for the facility housing your valuables. Fires, burglaries, missing valuables, and difficulty accessing items are all concerns that people face when looking for commercial storage in Washington D.C.

When Moving Masters decided to open up facilities with 150,000 square feet of secure storage, we wanted to ensure that we addressed all of these concerns. We have implemented several processes to minimize risks, increase security, and provide outstanding customer service. By doing so, we are able to offer secure commercial storage within 15 minutes of downtown D.C. that gives our customers a hassle and worry-free storage experience.


Storing valuable assets or files containing sensitive information can cause a level of uneasiness for many people. We have restricted access to our facilities to our employees only. A security system that includes motion and burglary detectors gives an extra layer of protection as well.


We believe that being able to track items stored in our facilities is another valuable service to offer our customers. Not only does this help our customers remember what they have in our warehouses, but it also helps to ensure items do not go missing. When a customer brings something to one of our warehouses, it is scanned, photographed, and barcoded. You can then use our secure client portal 24/7 to view everything you have in storage.

Damage Prevention

Since damage protection is essential for us, we have installed smoke and fire detectors. We also have heat detectors that can alert us in case the facility becomes too hot, which could damage items we are storing.

Easy Access

In addition to the providing secure storage, we also offer many supplemental services* to our customers. We will pick up materials from your site and transport them to our warehouse. If you need a file, box, material, etc. out of storage, we will pull it and deliver it for you. Once you are finished with the items, you can have us pick them up or send them back to us. We will re-inventory and place them back in storage. For time-sensitive occasions, we offer rapid retrieval and rush deliveries.

Moving Masters has taken extensive measures to provide secure commercial storage. It is our intention to provide peace of mind for our customers by creating a high level of credibility and trust. If you have any questions, please contact us.

*Additional fee may apply