Summer Storage for Students

Dorm Room Movers | Summer Storage

Finals are in full swing and the last thing you or your college student has time to worry about is where to store all his or her stuff while he or she is home for the summer trying to complete an internship or traveling abroad to fulfill a credit requirement. Traveling to your student’s school, renting a van or truck, spending hours packing everything up, and then paying for it to be stored somewhere is a daunting task.

With every college student’s head in the books until the end of the semester, Moving Masters recently partnered with Dorm Room Movers to assist in this process. We are currently contracted to participate in moves at Georgetown University, George Manson University, and Bowie State University to streamline the summer moving and storage process.

Our experts pick-up items directly from a student’s dorm room or apartment. Small items can be packed into designated boxes that are previously shipped to the student, and all other items from electronics to furniture are handled directly by our experts. Everything is barcoded and the student is given an itemized list of his or her inventory. The items are then taken to our storage facility where they are kept in a secure and climate-controlled space throughout the summer.

When students return to campus for their Fall semester, our team delivers all items to a specified location. Our designated crew is trained to ensure that all items originally inventoried are returned to the correct owner.

It couldn’t be easier.  Parents have total peace of mind knowing everything is handled, and students are ready to dive back into their schoolwork without the hassle of moving. For more information on this process visit

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