Thinking Outside the “Moving” Box

Corporate and Office Relocation Artificial Loading DockMoving Masters often assists with corporate and office relocation moves that are obviously not ideally suited for moving. Unlike commercial storage and warehousing moves, these offices are not fully-equipped with loading docks.  In the past, our movers would have to run a truck’s liftgate up and down reapeatedly each time we wanted to load a new item into the truck. This was time-consuming and ultimately frustrating for our team and our clients.

To solve this problem, our experts at Moving Masters built custom scaffolds sized to the exact height and dimensions of the back of our trucks at  6’ x 8’. This scaffold was designed to connect to a walkboard which runs perpendicular to an office building’s curb. This structure essentially takes the place of a traditional loading dock layout. Using this artificial loading system, our movers are able to move large items more quickly and efficiently. The process is ultimately safer for our employees, and the items being moved, as it provides one smooth transition from the curb to the truck.Corporate and Office Relocation Artificial Loading Dock 2

Since the creation of this system, Moving Masters has built 3 artificial loading docks in order to optimize all office moves that lack a traditional loading dock. We continue to have great success with this system.

Moving Masters is a full-service commercial moving and storage company located in the Washington, DC metro area.