Throwback Thursday – Moving Milestones Newsletter

It’s Throwback Thursday!

How did we communicate with our customers before the internet? Who remembers our Moving Milestones newsletter? It’s not all that different from our modern day blog posts. When we first introduced our newsletter in 1993, our mission was to “convey the philosophy of our company as well as call attention to employees that have been recognized for their excellent work ethic.” In addition, we aimed to “highlight particular jobs we have performed that are slightly unique or just interesting.” It’s comforting to know that in an ever-changing world, we are still providing our customers an insight into life at Moving Masters, Inc., just distributing it differently.

Moving Milestones - Moving Masters Newsletter Spring, 1993

Time to reminisce on an article written in Spring of 1993 on Comsat Satellite Service.

When COMSAT moved to Bethesda in May, they used their regular mover. The library, law and general, along with the human resources files were a different story. The customer wanted to have these groups in early and functioning before the big move. What was needed was a relocation company that specialized in library relocations, could perform the service in a week, daytime only, and have every file and book in proper order.

Moving Masters, Inc. was chosen. The move required loading books and files on to specialized library carries, transport from L’Enfant Plaza to Bethesda and replacement on to the same shelves.

Close coordination and markings between customer and moving crews was essential. Sealed trucks left the District every hour with waiting crews in Bethesda unloading and putting away, then sending empty trucks back for refill.

The process lasted four days and filled parts of two floors at COMSAT’s new headquarters.

The hard work paid off with a very happy customer and another demonstration of Moving Master’s ability to put together specialty crews for a specific important task.

Everyday Moving Masters, Inc. has one or more “specialty” move at various stages of completion. They may be an entire law library, a scientific laboratory, packing ships models for long distance. They could involve relocating 4500 lb. laser tables, tap libraries or even hundreds of map files.

Whatever the job, Moving Masters, Inc. has the talent and equipment to give each customer that specialty move. 

Although this article may have been written 20 years ago, the philosophy at Moving Masters, Inc, has remained. Our team works hard every day to provide our customers with the best service in the moving industry. One day, this blog will be a throwback! How will we distribute our content 20 years from now?