Tips for Moving Your Business Electronics Safely

Relocating your delicate business electronics from one building to the next doesn’t have to be intimidating. As long as you take the appropriate steps to make sure your property is appropriately packaged, you will keep your valuables from getting damaged during the move. Even packaging and moving large electronics such as TVs and computers can be made simple with the right tools. Moving Masters has spent over 30 years helping businesses of all sizes move their equipment efficiently and effectively. Follow our basic tips to keep your electronics safe and secure during the transition:

Protect with packing materials:

Pack each piece well with packing materials. Wrap the electronic with packing paper that you seal with packing tape. After that, wrap it in static-free bubble wrap to provide cushioning. Use packing paper or newspaper to make a cushioned layer on the top and bottom of the item and to fill empty space so the item will not move within the box. Seal the box well on the top and bottom with packing tape.

Choose the right boxes:

If you saved the original box with its packing materials for each electronic, you’ll be able to easily repack each electronic in the best way possible. If not, find a box of the closest size and shape to securely hold your item when it is wrapped by packing materials. Companies sell stronger specialized boxes designed to protect electronics. Also, you can find boxes in different sizes to fit stereos, computers and other items, including slim boxes designed for flat-screen televisions.

Pack accessories:

Electronics tend to come with numerous accessories, such as cords, speakers, and remote controls. You’ll need to pack these too, ideally so that you can find everything you need in one place. Use twist ties or rubber bands to neatly hold your folded cords and mark them with colored stickers that match the same sticker color on the corresponding electronic. Pack all accessories, wrapping anything that requires protection. When you put multiple items in one box, put large and heavy items on the bottom.

Protection in storage:

If you need to store the electronic items, make sure that you choose a climate-controlled unit that will keep your electronics at a safe temperature with controlled humidity levels. Moving Masters offers a variety of storage options just 15 minutes from Downtown, Washington D.C that have been proven safe for your electronics. We use motion, heat, smoke, and fire detectors to keep your assets secure and protected. In addition, our warehouses are scanned, photographed, and inventoried in our secure online portion so that you can view your stored items any time.

If you need assistance with your big move, Moving Masters can help you properly pack, move, and store your electronics and other goods to make sure everything arrives safely at your next address. For more information, Contact us for a free estimate.

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