Wall and Floor Protection Crucial in Successful Office Move

Wall and Floor Protection During Move Successful Office MoveOver the past two weekends, Moving Masters had a successful office move of the Bloomberg Bureau of National (Bloomberg BNA) office. With 250 people working in the Arlington, Virginia office, Bloomberg BNA decided to relocate to a new area, which was conveniently only 300 feet away from the original location. In addition to moving office furniture, Bloomberg BNA also required the relocation of large file cabinets and sensitive library materials.

Since the two offices were so close to one another, the Moving Masters team suggested transporting all items via an internal hallway rather than loading everything onto and off of moving trucks. This solution was faster and more cost effective.

During the move, Moving Masters experts were especially careful not to disrupt or damage the hallways, walls, and floors of the office building. As always, wall protectors were installed throughout the move areas. In addition, plastic floor protectors were laid down to protect the carpet from debris during the moving process.Masonite Boards During Successful Office Move

In order to successfully navigate the hallways between the two offices, which were equivalent to about 1 football field in length, Moving Masters placed Masonite boards on the floor. This enabled the moving crew to easily maneuver the hallways with large, heavy items while ensuring no damage was done to the floors.

Moving an office may seem simple, but even short distance moves such as this one require careful planning in order to be successful. This method allowed the Moving Masters team to complete the office relocation over the course of 2 weekends with minimal disruption to the client’s work as well as surrounding offices.

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