Words of Amazement Heard as Massive Microscope is Moved

2,000 pound electron massive miscroscope at George Washington University Hospital
2,000 pound electron miscroscope at George Washington University Hospital

There is something fascinating about watching a 2,000-pound, $350,000.00 electron microscope hanging 35 feet in the air by two 3-inch straps.

On September 3, 2013, Moving Masters was asked by George Washington University Hospital to relocate this machine and a dozen of its parts to a very difficult destination – 35 feet down into a basement stairwell, with just inches of tolerance on all sides.

There was another dynamic that, in its own way, was just as fascinating on a professional business level. As the rigging proceeded and the expert riggers efficiently went through the process of setting up and carrying out their tasks, the assembled clients went through a transformation.

Within the two hours the job took, we heard:

  • “There is no way!”
  • “The previous movers couldn’t do it.”
  • “Are you sure the straps and chains will hold the weight?”
  • “Is there enough room in the shaft?”
  • “You know this is a $350,000.00 instrument?”
  • “I have never seen it done this way.”
  • “Wow!”
  • “Let me get some pictures to show my colleagues.”
  • “Amazing!”

A specialist from Texas that was assigned to reassemble the microscope after the move even said that this was the best move he had seen in 20 years.

We take pride in our level of care and consideration in all of our moves. Whether we are moving $350,000 medical equipment or relocating an office, let Moving Masters be your single source for all your moving needs.

Massive Microscope at GW being MovedMassive Microscope at GW being Moved 2