5 Money Saving Tips For Moving Across The Country

Moving dates matter. Moving boxes

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to moving. Some of the most expensive times to move are on a weekend, during a holiday, or at the end of the month. Those are high demand times because no one wants to use a precious vacation day to move. To avoid sky high prices, schedule your move on a weekday to score a less expensive price.

Use it or lose it.

Sort through your junk drawer (or drawers) and toss the stuff that hasn’t been touched in years. Donate old clothes, appliances, or toys (you can write off donations on your taxes). It feels good to declutter and the lighter the move, the easier it will be.

Make $$$ off old stuff.

Have a yard sale to get rid of the more valuable items you no longer need. Not only is this a great way to clean out your space, but you can also make some cash money to put towards the move. If a yard sale sounds like too much work, post larger items like furniture on Craigslist or neighborhood Facebook groups. The internet has made it super easy to get rid of old things!

Cheap eats.

Moving across the country requires you to be in a car for hours. It’s more than likely that you will get hungry a few times during the trip. Save money by packing a few sandwiches, snacks, and drinks to have a picnic at a rest stop. If you must stop for food, avoid sit down restaurants as they are typically more expensive and take more time.

Work with professionals.moving cross country

We may be stating the obvious, but hiring a professional moving company ensures the most high-quality and easy going move. Hire a company you trust who will load your items into the truck carefully. Full-service movers are able to provide things necessary to ensuring a smooth move that you may overlook. Like necessary parking permits, proper moving gear such as furniture pads, dollies, and moving blankets. All of these items protect your belongings and make transporting them easier. Full-service movers are also equipped to disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

The costs of moving add up, but by following the above suggestions you’ll be able to make your cross-country move as affordable as possible. Call one of our moving experts for a free estimate on your next move!

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