Is an On-Site Operational Survey Beneficial for Preparing an Office Move?

Moving an office or performing a corporate relocation takes meticulous planning and coordination. To ensure we are as prepared as possible, Moving Masters will come to your office to complete an on-site operational survey of the project. During this survey, we assess how extensive the move will be and what the best course of action for moving your assets will be. The operational survey also helps us determine the crew, equipment, vehicle, and timing requirements necessary for your office move.

What is the Best Way to Organize the Crew?
Moving Masters specifically tailors the moving crew to fit the needs of the project, so we use the on-site survey to determine how many members will be needed on the day of the move. In order to maximize efficiency, we organize the crew members into teams based on their training and expertise. We will designate origin and destination teams to expedite the process. The origin team will focus on loading trucks at the starting point while the destination team simultaneously unloads full trucks at the new location. Each team will be assigned a supervisor to ensure the crew is accurate and effective.

Are There Special Equipment Needs?Office Moving Equipment and Benefits of an Operational Survey
Moving Masters uses a variety of equipment to safely move and protect your assets. The operational survey allows us to determine what equipment is needed and how much of it is required to execute a seamless move. It also tells us how difficult the move is and whether special equipment is necessary. Carriers and lifts allow us to efficiently move your items, while special padding and bubble wrap protects assets. To prevent damage to the building, we take extensive measures to install wall and floor protection, as well as elevator protection, if it is needed. Equipment Moving Masters uses includes:

  • Padded three-shelf carriers, built to specification by hand
  • Roller lifts
  • Four-wheel dollies
  • Logistics straps
  • Elevator protection
  • Wall and floor protectors
  • 5-ply paper pads
  • Bubble wrap and furniture pads
  • Padded picture carriers
  • Masonite boards
  • Corrugated rolls
  • Comer boards

How Many Trucks are Needed?
Moving Masters uses air ride vehicles to transport your items to the destination. Our trucks are equipped with an extra long lift gate, measuring six feet, and a railgate with the strongest capacity in the industry. We make sure each project has enough trucks to efficiently rotate them back and forth between the origin and destination. Once a truck is loaded, it will go to the destination where it is emptied and inspected. It will then head back to the origin to be loaded again.

How Can We Improve Timing?
We understand that timing is crucial and delays can be costly. We design our crews so that each truck has a load and unload time of 40 to 45 minutes. This allows us to estimate how long it will take to complete your move. Through careful planning, years of experience, and a team of highly trained professional movers, we are able to provide you with timely, no-hassle moves.

If you are interested in having Moving Masters perform an on-site operational survey for an upcoming corporate move, please contact us.