Slow Roll: VW Minibus Move

Moving Masters VW Minibus MoveWhen Moving Masters received the call from I Strategy Labs (ISL), for a 1972 VW Transporter II Minibus move up a flight of stairs and into an office building in Washington, DC. We were thrilled with this unusual opportunity and eager to be of service.

We were definitely up to this challenge. Over our 35 years in the moving business, we’ve successfully moved all sorts of specialized, delicate, and heavy equipment. Still, this was the first time we’ve ever put a 2,500 pound Volkswagen Bus in the lobby of a building, so we had to do some research.  Our first task was to Google the weight and dimensions of the vehicle.   After verifying the dimensions and weight, we conducted a site visit to measure the building entrance and develop a strategy.

We knew that with the right equipment our knowledgeable crew can move just about anything. The main difficulty with this job was going to be getting the bus up a flight of stairs and through a set of doors that only had a ½ inch of tolerance on each side. We met the challenge of the stairs by using a combination of brute strength and one of our most helpful tools—a sixteen foot magnesium walk board.  The walk board acted as a ramp that protected the stairs, making it a matter of force to move the van up to the doors. We used wheel chocks to prevent force to move the van up to the doors. We used wheel chocks to prevent the van from rolling backwards as we moved it.

Moving Masters VW Minibus MoveGetting the van through the doors was a matter of careful maneuvering. We had to move slowly to prevent damage to the building or the van, and there was very little
room for error. It took time, but we got the van through with perfect precision and then moved it into its new parking space in the lobby of I Strategy Labs.  The end result was a heartwarming round of applause, cheers and whistles that the (10) man crew received after all four wheels entered the building.

Another challenge & another solution—–Moving Masters!!!