What You’ll Need For A Successful Laboratory Move

Moving laboratory equipment is a complex process that requires experienced professionals. Planning and inventory management are essential for a successful move and fragile scientific instruments must be carefully handled. Our laboratory moving experts have experience organizing every aspect of the move, including a detailed timeline to make sure you can pick up where you left off as soon as possible. We have experience moving even the most expensive and sensitive lab equipment, so you can be assured that everything will arrive at its destination safely. Recently, we have handled some note-worthy moves, including a $350,000, 2,000 pound electron microscope at The George Washington University in addition to holding the relocation services contract for Goddard Space Flight Center for NASA.

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4 Safety Tips For Moving Furniture

Moving heavy furniture can be a very risky business, especially if you have no prior experience moving large pieces of furniture and even more so if you’re moving it alone. If you’re planning to take on a furniture move on your own, we have provided some tips below that can help you avoid personal injuries and any damage to your possessions when moving from one space to another.

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3 Steps To Simplify Your Move With Packers

Moving can be stressful, tiring, and anxiety ridden – but there are ways to help cut all of that down! Hiring a moving company to do all the packing and heavy lifting can take a huge weight off your shoulders, literally. Professional Packers 

Trying to complete a move all on your own can be a big mistake. Our packers have years of experience in packing up offices, important files, and working quickly and efficiently. In most cases, they can make packing look easier than it is and they are trained to meet high industry standards.

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5 Money Saving Tips For Moving Across The Country

Moving dates matter. Moving boxes

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to moving. Some of the most expensive times to move are on a weekend, during a holiday, or at the end of the month. Those are high demand times because no one wants to use a precious vacation day to move. To avoid sky high prices, schedule your move on a weekday to score a less expensive price.

Use it or lose it.

Sort through your junk drawer (or drawers) and toss the stuff that hasn’t been touched in years. Donate old clothes, appliances, or toys (you can write off donations on your taxes). It feels good to declutter and the lighter the move, the easier it will be.

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Slow Roll: VW Minibus Move

Moving Masters VW Minibus MoveWhen Moving Masters received the call from I Strategy Labs (ISL), for a 1972 VW Transporter II Minibus move up a flight of stairs and into an office building in Washington, DC. We were thrilled with this unusual opportunity and eager to be of service.

We were definitely up to this challenge. Over our 35 years in the moving business, we’ve successfully moved all sorts of specialized, delicate, and heavy equipment. Still, this was the first time we’ve ever put a 2,500 pound Volkswagen Bus in the lobby of a building, so we had to do some research.  Our first task was to Google the weight and dimensions of the vehicle.   After verifying the dimensions and weight, we conducted a site visit to measure the building entrance and develop a strategy.Read more »