Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Storage

When choosing a commercial storage company, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to determine your storage needs. How long will you need the storage unit? Will you need to get into the unit on a regular basis? Do you require security for your items? Once you start answering these questions, it will be easier to find a storage facility with the services you’re looking for.Read more »

Platt Covington Joins Moving Masters

Platt-CovingtonWe are proud to announce that Platt Covington is joining the Moving Masters team as our Account Executive. With over twenty years of experience in the transport and moving industry, Platt brings extensive knowledge and expertise as a team leader, sales professional, and client manager.

Over the course of his career, Platt has built relationships with customers to solve issues and deliver resolutions. His exceptional work ethic and service-oriented approach allows him to consistently assess the needs of customers in order to provide a customized solution. We believe he will provide the unsurpassed service that our customers have come to expect from Moving Masters.Read more »