Private Screening Room Built at Richmond International Airport

Private Screening Room, Gates, and Barriers Installed at Richmond International Airport

Moving Masters is no stranger to working with the technical and sensitive items within airports. In addition to the x-ray machine our team previously moved at Dulles International Airport, we recently assisted in a project at Richmond International Airport.

During our work here, a crew of 4 Moving Masters’ movers delivered and installed an x-ray machine. With experience moving these large, heavy, and costly pieces of equipment, the machine was efficiently and safely delivered.

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Moving Masters Team Refreshes Skills at MMTA Training

We are dedicated to providing our customers not only excellent and reliable customer service, but also the most skilled and prepared moving professionals. In order to keep ourselves up-to-date on industry trends and improve our ability to provide for our customers, we are always looking for opportunities to keep learning.

On May 17, 2014 a team of 5 Moving Masters’ moving professionals participated in Maryland Motor Truck Association’s (MMTA) Maryland Movers Conference. Read more »

Wall and Floor Protection Crucial in Successful Office Move

Wall and Floor Protection During Move Successful Office MoveOver the past two weekends, Moving Masters had a successful office move of the Bloomberg Bureau of National (Bloomberg BNA) office. With 250 people working in the Arlington, Virginia office, Bloomberg BNA decided to relocate to a new area, which was conveniently only 300 feet away from the original location. In addition to moving office furniture, Bloomberg BNA also required the relocation of large file cabinets and sensitive library materials.

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Reducing Employee Stress During a Move

Relocating your office can be a stressful time, especially for your employees. Follow these tips to ensure that your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

How to Reduce Employee Stress During your Move

    1. Start planning as soon as possible.

      Once you have made the decision to relocate your office, begin planning immediately. Establish a clear timeline for completing preparations and share this timeline with your employees. Ample planning time will help eliminate confusion in the long run and allow adequate time to prepare for your move.

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Moving Masters Year in Review

Moving Masters Year in Review - Hyattsville, MD
At the end of every year, the Moving Masters’ team reviews the past twelve months. We reflect on our individual and collective successes, challenges that we have faced as a company, and most importantly our ability to overcome, grow, and learn new ways to provide our customers with the best experience.

Being aware of the current economy as well as the state of the industry is crucial for our team to provide quality corporate and office relocation, government and specialty moving, and commercial storage and warehousing services.Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving from Moving Masters!

Alex Klemko provides all Moving Masters' employees with a Happy Thanksgiving turkey.
Alex Klemko provides all Moving Masters’ employees with a Thanksgiving turkey.

In 1980, Moving Masters gave a turkey to each of its employees in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Every year since then, the turkey-giving tradition has continued to show our appreciation for employees’ year long efforts.

We did some calculations and this is one tasty tradition.

33 Thanksgivings  x   40 turkeys given/ year on average  x  20 pounds/turkey on average  =  Approximately 26,400 pounds of turkey!

From our family to yours, have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

High End Deliveries – Customer Care Packages

Since 1980, Moving Masters has become a “go-to” in the Washington, DC area for businesses in need of corporate & office relocation, government & specialty movers, and commercial storage & warehousing. Over the past few years, however, Moving Masters has expanded its offerings to include the delivery of high-value items. The same high standards that Moving Masters is known for throughout the community are upheld – polite, courteous, and uniformed crews that arrive on time.

With the advent and growth of the internet and its capacity to facilitate commerce, home delivery service growth has kept pace with the explosion of delivery services offered in the Washington Metropolitan area. In order to keep up with this expanding demand, Moving Masters created a division within its organization that is exclusively devoted to home and “high value” deliveries. Our extensive fleet of moving vehicles, all with lift gates, allow Moving Masters to deliver items quickly and efficiently.Read more »

Throwback Thursday – Moving Milestones Newsletter

It’s Throwback Thursday!

How did we communicate with our customers before the internet? Who remembers our Moving Milestones newsletter? It’s not all that different from our modern day blog posts. When we first introduced our newsletter in 1993, our mission was to “convey the philosophy of our company as well as call attention to employees that have been recognized for their excellent work ethic.” In addition, we aimed to “highlight particular jobs we have performed that are slightly unique or just interesting.” It’s comforting to know that in an ever-changing world, we are still providing our customers an insight into life at Moving Masters, Inc., just distributing it differently.Read more »

Medical Equipment Blog Posted on

Moving Masters, Inc. - Medical Equipment

A recent article, “Moving Medical Equipment – Movers & Tips,” highlighted a topic that is near and dear to Moving Masters’ heart. Attention to detail is something everyone at Moving Masters understands, from the truck drivers to the accountants.

Moving Masters is no novice when it comes to moving medical equipment, and after our recent move of George Washington University Hospital’s 2,000-pound, electron microscope, our own Alex Klemko was glad to share his knowledge.

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