10 Office Move Budget Tips To Consider Before Moving Offices

10 budget considerations for your next office move

It’s hard to predict what’s going to come up when moving your corporate or government office. By budgeting properly you can prepare for the worst scenario. How do you know if you’ve budgeted properly for that scenario? Here are 10 office move budget tips to consider before your next office move. These tips will help ensure you’re keeping the stress and hassle of moving in check. In addition to staying on top of your budget, it’s important to make sure you are choosing the best time to move. This will ensure you and your employees have adequate time to prepare. 10 Office Move Budget Tips To Consider Before Moving Offices

Make a budget

You can’t stick to a budget if you don’t have one! Once you’ve created a budget template and before getting started on adding items to the budget, make sure you set a budget.

Create a budget template

These are simple to create, or you can download one online. A budget template will help keep everything organized.


Take an inventory of all assets before you begin packing. This can help discourage theft and will help you keep track of anything missing during the move.

Moving expenses

Get an estimate 4-6 weeks prior to moving and include the moving company’s fee in your budget plans. If you have items worth more than they are currently insured for, consider getting quotes for this and add the highest one to your budget template.

Extra Services

Make sure you know what it costs to have your moving company pack your files. Moving Masters’ highly skilled packers will make sure all your files, including confidential materials, get to the new office safe and secure.

Extra Charges

Consider extra charges for things like packing, expedited services, or holiday moving.

New Office Costs

Include things like security deposit, rent, legal fees, building insurance, new furniture, archiving and storage.

Repairs On The Existing Office

Are these repairs your responsibility or the landlord’s? Check your lease to be sure and budget for repairs if necessary.

Employee Hours

Don’t forget to account for employee’s time that will be spent assisting with the move.

Marketing Costs

Spend time planning a marketing/PR strategy to let clients know of your new location. Business cards, letterhead, website, search listings, social media accounts will need to be updated.

Moving can be a hassle, we know, but that’s why Moving Masters is here to do all the heavy lifting. Give us a call alt=”contact us” title=”contact us” before moving to your new office!