Temporary Storage During an Office Renovation: Pros and Cons

Office renovations can be tricky and require quite a bit of forethought to avoid having a negative impact on productivity or increased liability for injuries. Moving Masters understands the stress renovations can cause and have been successfully moving corporate offices for over 30 years. Our fleet of 40 trucks and over 100 trained moving professionals will make any temporary move during an office renovation stress-free.

Top Pros for temporary storage during an office renovation:

  1. No dust: Depending on the type of renovation you are doing, dust from exposed ceilings, walls, and floors will make its way throughout the office. Moving furniture and equipment from one side to another and covering them will do little to lessen the amount of post-renovation cleaning required (or potential damage from dust).
  2. Safety for employees and visitors: Stacking things up high on shelves or having cluttered walkways could lead to accidents, such as injuries from falling items or employees slipping and falling.
  3. Purging: When having to clear out a section of the office for renovation, a company is forced to take a look at useless assets. Many companies find that it is easier to fill up a dumpster or to donate items, then them in a storage unit or find a place to put them after the renovation.
  4. Peace of mind: Hiring a professional commercial moving and storage company, such as Moving Masters (hint, hint), will significantly reduce the stress to an already stressful renovation.

Top Cons for temporary storage during an office renovation:

  1. Cost: Having employees move the office equipment and supplies from one room to the next will undoubtedly save money on storage and professional moving. However, there are increased risks (see above).
  2. Accessibility: If you accidentally stored an important file or piece of equipment, you will not be able to access it easily if it is in a far off storage unit.

Other tips:

When packing for temporary storage during an office renovation, be sure to keep in mind the items your employees use on a daily basis. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to make multiple trips to storage to retrieve them or purchase new.

Pick a length of time when deciding what gets purged. For example, if an item hasn’t been used in a year or more (i.e. a three-hole punch), there’s a good chance it won’t be used in the future. Here’s 3 Steps to Simplify Your Move With Packers.

Ask yourself these questions to make sure your business runs smoothly during renovation:

  • Will I need swing space (temporary working space) to accommodate employees?
  • Will I need to add new wayfinding signs so customers or clients are directed appropriately?
  • Will there be enough restrooms for employees and visitors?

Temporary storage during an office renovation can be a hassle, we know, but that’s why Moving Masters is here to do all the heavy lifting. Give us a call before you begin your office renovation!