Maryland Motor Truck Association Management Conference

Alex Klemko tours Washington, DC during the Maryland Motor Truck Association Management Conference
Alex Klemko tours Washington, DC during the annual MMTA conference.

The Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) is an extremely important group in Moving Masters’ industry. Moving Masters’ CEO, Alex Klemko, is currently the Secretary Treasurer of the MMTA, which connects professionals working in industries related to trucking, moving, tank lines, freight haulers, and more.

Its mission is “to support and advocate for a safe, efficient and profitable trucking industry across all sectors and industry types, regardless of size, domicile or type of operation.”

Although trucking is only one component of the work completed at Moving Masters on a regular basis, it’s imperative to remain connected and up-to-date on this sector. The annual Management Conference of the Maryland Motor Truck Association and the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors’ Association was a great opportunity for Moving Masters executives to get out of the office and connect with the industry.Read more »

Review from The George Washington University

Moving Masters Crew (From left to right: Kenny Ferguson, Stan Price, William Hammond, and Ronald Hyson.)
Moving Masters Crew (From left to right: Kenny Ferguson, Stan Price, William Hammond, and Ronald Hyson.)

As the CEO, I sincerely appreciate any and all feedback clients provide me so I can better understand Moving Masters’ strengths and well as areas of improvement. I am exceptionally proud when I witness my team exceeding my expectations during a move. It’s even more gratifying when a client goes out of his or her way to inform me of a job well done. I received the following letter from the Business Services Manager at The George Washington University after a recent move.

-Alex KlemkoRead more »

Words of Amazement Heard as Massive Microscope is Moved

2,000 pound electron massive miscroscope at George Washington University Hospital
2,000 pound electron miscroscope at George Washington University Hospital

There is something fascinating about watching a 2,000-pound, $350,000.00 electron microscope hanging 35 feet in the air by two 3-inch straps.

On September 3, 2013, Moving Masters was asked by George Washington University Hospital to relocate this machine and a dozen of its parts to a very difficult destination – 35 feet down into a basement stairwell, with just inches of tolerance on all sides.

There was another dynamic that, in its own way, was just as fascinating on a professional business level. As the rigging proceeded and the expert riggers efficiently went through the process of setting up and carrying out their tasks, the assembled clients went through a transformation.

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X-Ray Machine Moved at Dulles Airport

X-ray machine moved at Dulles Airport

Dulles International Airport is located in Dulles, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. Recently Moving Masters was contracted to have a 3,500-pound x-ray machine moved from the lower level of the airport to the upper level of the airport.

Using rigs and cranes, our moving experts carefully transported this giant machine through the airport in one piece. Since this x-ray machine is an extremely expensive piece of equipment, Dulles Airport executives oversaw the entire move. To maintain order, the x-ray machine was moved overnight, when there would be as little disturbance as possible to the airport and customers.

Customer Service – Before, During, and After a Move

Customer Service at Moving Masters
Customer Service at Moving Masters

Moving Masters, Inc. has a proven track record. For over 30 years we have been providing quality corporate relocation services throughout the Washington, DC area. Although we pride ourselves on providing the customer a timely, efficient, and safe moving process, accidents do happen. No matter how experienced our professional movers are, or how prepared our management team is before a move, unforeseeable circumstances do unfortunately occur during the moving process.Read more »

Moving Offices with Caution for over 3 Decades

Since 1980, Moving Masters, Inc. has specialized in commercial, office, and electronic relocations. Throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC  we have developed an excellent reputation for well-planned and executed moves. As a result of our fine work ethic and attention to customer service, we have grown to become one of the largest commercial office movers in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Moving Masters protection crews covering the carpet while moving offices
Moving Masters protection crews covering the carpet before a move.

In order to insure our outstanding professional service to all our customers, all our workers are uniformed trained employees of the company. Unlike most other moving companies we do not use “pool,” “pick-up” or “street laborers.” Our average employee has been with us for over seven and half years and our drivers/supervisors have been with us for an average of fifteen years.

Approximately 70% of our business is from repeat customers. So either moving offices on a regular basis has become a new fad, or we’re doing something right to keep our customers happy.

The following items are mandatory by Moving Masters, Inc. staff in the execution of every large moving project.  We feel these steps ensure quality control and demonstrate our understanding of what it takes to complete a successful relocation project while providing superior performance to our customers.

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Suggested Checklist for Planning Corporate Office Moves

As a business owner or manager, moving offices can be a great sign. It often means your company is growing and needs room to expand. As with any important business decision your company makes, deciding to actually make the move can be a time consuming process. From budgets to location decisions to reducing employee stress, an office move requires proper planning.Read more »

Mastering Moves All Over the Nation

Moving Masters, Inc. is fully certified by the United States Department of Transportation. Our experts are licensed to drive our commercial moving trucks from our warehouse in Tuxedo, Maryland to anywhere in the United States.  Operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) requires passing various physical requirements as well as a driver’s road test. For a full list of DOT requirements, visit more »